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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electronegativity and how does it work?

Electronegativity is the property of an atom which increases with its tendency to attract the electrons of a bond. If two bonded atoms have the same electronegativity values as each other, they share electrons equally in a covalent bond. Usually, the electrons in a chemical bond are more attracted to one atom (the more electronegative one) than to the other.

How to tell electronegativity?

Electronegativity is a measure of an atom's ability to attract shared electrons to itself. On the periodic table, electronegativity generally increases as you move from left to right across a period and decreases as you move down a group. As a result, the most electronegative elements are found on the top right of the periodic table, while the least electronegative elements are found on the ...

What is the formula for electronegativity?

When you're using kJ/mol as units for your energies, the equation for Mulliken electronegativity is ENMulliken = (1.97×10−3) (Ei+Eea) + 0.19. Plug your values into the equation and solve for EN Mulliken . EN Mulliken = (1.97×10 −3 ) (E i +E ea) + 0.19

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