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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lines of symmetry does an ellipse have?

In general, an ellipse has two lines of symmetry. However, in the special case when an ellipse is a circle, it has infinitely many lines of symmetry.

What is a line of symmetry?

In mathematics and geometry, a line of symmetry is a line that can be drawn on a shape that cuts the shape into two symmetrical parts, meaning that the two parts are identical, or mirror images of one another. The number of lines of symmetry of a specific shape depends on the shape itself.

How do you find the geometry of an ellipse?

One way to approach the geometry of the ellipse is to start with a circle. At any point on a circle centered at the origin, the coordinates (x, y) satisfy the equation where r is the radius of the circle. Here's a drawing of that.

What is the length of the minor axis of mirror symmetry?

The minor axis is the shortest axis of mirror symmetry. a = one half of the length of the major axis (sometimes called the semi major axis) b = one half of the length of the minor axis (sometimes called the semi minor axis ). c = the distance between the center of an ellipse and each focus. The distance between the foci is 2c.

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