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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an elongated state?

Elongated State. An elongated state is state with a long and narrow shape. The obvious example is Chile in South America. Elongated states have poor communication because the region is so long. Other examples of elongated states are Italy and Gambia.

What are elongated hyphens?

Answers. Elongated hyphens, which are also known as em dashes, are used to connect related ideas in a sentence. These elongated hyphens can be used to replace a comma instead. These related ideas in the sentence which are linked by elongated hyphens, can be omitted from the sentence without affecting the whole thought of the sentence.

What is an elongated aorta?

The aorta vessel (outflow tract) is the main vessel for blood flow to the system. An elongated aorta can by its size can crowd out and cause tracheal (throat) compression. Pressure on the trachea can be sufficient to cause displacement and reduction in caliber, usually inside the thorax.

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