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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Elsa so special?

Elsa is the perfect mythic character – magical and larger than life. Grateful her kingdom now accepts her, she works hard to be a good queen. But deep down she can’t help but wonder why she was born with powers. Hear Elsa sing her heart out!

What is the name of Elsa's sister?

Elsa and Anna have short stories included in the Tales of Courage and Kindness Disney Princess collection. In the story, she is simply addressed as "Elsa" when being introduced, while her sister has the title "Queen Anna of Arendelle", although Elsa is still called the Snow Queen later in her introductory paragraph.

Where is Elsa Inn in Gouldsboro?

Located in Prospect Harbor, a working fishing harbor on the Gouldsboro peninsula, this newly renovated inn combines the charm of the mid-1800’s home with the comfort of the new millennium. Each of Elsa’s six well-appointed guest rooms offers a large private bath and harbor view, including historic Prospect Harbor Light.

What is the story of Elsa and Anna?

Princess Elsa was born with power over ice and snow. As a child, she often used her abilities to play with her younger sister and best friend, Anna. One night, eight-year-old Elsa is awakened by five-year-old Anna, who wants to play. Elsa refuses until Anna asks her sister if she wants to build a snowman.

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