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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the emerald ash borer a lethal beetle?

Emerald ash borer adult beetles fly during the summer and lay eggs on ash trees. Once hatched, the larvae Emerald ash borer is a lethal threat to ash in our state.

Are emerald ash borers harmful?

Because emerald ash borers and other harmful forest pests and diseases can move around on firewood, don't move firewood over long distances. If you're going camping at a park or staying a cabin in the woods, buy firewood for your trip when you reach your destination.

What do emerald ash borers look like?

Adult emerald ash borers are bright metallic green in color with very short antennae. They are ½ inch long and one-eighth inch wide. Emerald ash borer larvae are creamy white in color and have flattened, segmented bodies.

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