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Frequently Asked Questions

Does emerald ash borer treatment work?

For emerald ash borer treatment to work, your tree first has to be inspected to check for other pre-existing conditions. Once this examination is complete, your tree can be deemed a good candidate for preservation. Then, the EAB treatment has to be applied at the right time, in the right way, by a certified applicator.

How was the emerald ash borer introduced?

Emerald ash borers were first introduced to this country in the late 1990s, most likely by hitching a ride in the wood of shipping crates from China. The beetle was first detected near Detroit, Michigan in 2002 and it has since spread to 27 states, killing tens of millions of trees.

Where is the emerald ash beetle?

The native range of the emerald ash borer is temperate north-eastern Asia, which includes Russia, Mongolia, northern China, Japan, and Korea. The beetle is invasive in North America where it has a core population in Michigan and surrounding states and provinces.

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