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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Emerald Isle in North Carolina?

EMERALD ISLE. Emerald Isle, NC is a 29-mile stretch of island on the lower Outer Banks between Morehead City and Jacksonville.

Where is emeremerald Isle?

Emerald Isle is a 12-mile stretch of island found on the western portion of North Carolina’s Bogue Banks. Here you’ll experience a relaxing family atmosphere, see amazing beaches and stay in some of the most comfortable and luxurious vacation rentals on the Crystal Coast. It’s no wonder visitors keep coming back year after year.

Where is the Emerald Isle realty office located?

Once you cross the Emerald Isle Bridge, the Emerald Isle Realty office is located 3.2 miles down on the right hand side (past four stoplights) at 7501 Emerald Drive.

What is there to do on Emerald Isle?

Emerald Isle offers an abundance of outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. Throw a line off Bogue Inlet Pier or just enjoy the amazing ocean views. Take a paddle boarding lesson or go kayaking on the calm waters of Bogue Sound.

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