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Frequently Asked Questions

What are emerging and Reemerging infectious diseases?

“Re-emerging infectious diseases are those due to the reappearance and increase of infections which are known, but had formerly fallen to levels so low that they were no longer considered a public health problem”. Re-emerging infectious diseases often appear in epidemic proportions. TB, Cholera, Dengue, Malaria.

What are some examples of emerging infectious diseases?

Examples of Newly Emerging Infectious Diseases. Other examples of disease emergences [1] – [10] include SARS, which emerged from bats and spread into humans first by person-to-person transmission in confined spaces, then within hospitals, and finally by human movement between international air hubs.

What is an emerging infectious disease?

An emerging infectious disease (EID) is an infectious disease whose incidence has increased in the past 20 years and could increase in the near future. Emerging infections account for at least 12% of all human pathogens.

What is a reemerging disease?

Tuberculosis: a reemerging disease at the interface of domestic animals and wild life. citizens--as well as foreign governments--have come to rely on the CDC to provide outbreak assistance and public-health information whenever a new or reemerging disease threat is detected anywhere on the globe.

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