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Frequently Asked Questions

What is emoji liner?

Emoji Liner is a simple and very fun emoji puzzle game. If you think you've seen it all, think again. In Emoji Liner, you solve puzzles by matching emoji that share a theme. So you might have to match two identical emoji, or two emoji that share the same color.

What is line's emoji keyboard?

Emoji Keyboard by LINE. LINE is a messaging app that combines cuteness with social networking, and its emoji app is the perfect companion. But Line's emoji keyboard is more than an add-on for the communications app: It works anywhere a text field exists.

What is the best emoji app?

Notwithstanding, that the total package of Emojis & Stickers “inTextMojiPro” provides FOC (Free of Charge) for use across several varieties of platforms is phenomenally the best and most inclusive I’ve seen & used. Theirs is by far an AWESOME Product with SUPERIOR Customer Service, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this App!!!

Is the emoji app fully functional without payment?

We'd be happy to assist further if needed. Our app is fully functional without payment. These features include: iMessage stickers, an improved Emoji Keyboard, fun Emoji games, and Emoji Widgets. We regularly add fun content and new features for our millions of users.

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