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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Empire flooring expensive?

How much does Empire flooring installation cost? This is divided between $5-$10 per square foot for the tile itself and $10 to $14 per square foot for the installation. To tile the floor of a 200 square foot room you can usually expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 all-inclusive.

Where is the Empire flooring located?

Empire Today Carpet and Flooring is located at the address 6201 Bluebonnet Blvd in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70836.

Who owns Empire carpet?

Empire Today, LLC is a Northlake, Illinois-based home improvement and home furnishing company, specializing in installed carpet, flooring, and window treatments. The company operates in more than 75 metropolitan areas in the United States. Empire Today was founded in 1959 by Seymour Cohen in partnership with Jonathan Samuel Beute.

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