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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to Miss Julie at the end of the play?

Miss Julie exits resolutely, presumably to end her life. The fact that Julie follows Jean’s command at the sound of her father’s bell reflects a reversal of the power dynamic that initiated the play: Julie has, in the play’s final moment, become the servant.

Why does Jean call Julie Miss Julie?

She becomes submissive, meek, and emotional while Jean becomes hyper-rational, cold, and calculating. Jean continues to call Julie “Miss Julie,” explaining that social classes will always be a barrier between them until they can escape.

What is the review of the movie Julie?

Film critic Dennis Schwartz, gave Julie a mixed review, writing, "Improbable crime thriller about a woman-in-peril, that is too uneven to be effective; the banal dialogue is the final killer. ... Doris Day, to her credit, gives it her best shot and tries to take it seriously even when the melodrama moves way past the point of just being ridiculous.

What happens at the end of Julie and the Phantoms?

In the last few minutes of Julie And The Phantoms, Julie embraces Luke, Reggie, and Alex as they prepare to disappear — but everyone is shocked when the boys suddenly become solid. As they begin glowing, the stamps dissolve and float away, symbolizing that Caleb's curse has been broken.

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