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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EPISD Plaza and Schoology?

EPISD Plaza/Classlink. The Plaza is the “one-stop shop” for accessing most of the online resources used by students. It is also known as “Classlink.” Schoology. Schoology is the online classroom for most of our schools. Teachers will communicate directly with students and post and receive completed assignments using this resource.  preview

What makes EPISD plaza so special?

Episd Plaza is the biggest mall in Mexico City and it’s quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best shopping experiences in the city. With over 350 stores, including international brands and luxury retailers, Episd Plaza has something for everyone. But what makes Episd Plaza so special? For one, it has an amazing level of customer service.

What does EPISD look for in a student?

Employers, and universities want students who are creative, and innovative problem solvers that can apply knowledge to new and challenging situations. EPISD is working to create an active learning environment for each of our students, based on their individual needs, abilities and preferences.

What is the 'Plaza'?

Beginning in Fall of 2015, we will provide every high school student with a laptop for use at school and at home, as well as collaborative tools for teaching and learning. The "Plaza" is a digital teaching and learning platform that will become the one stop shop for students, teachers and parents.

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