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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epson scan 2 utility?

Epson Scan 2 automatically scans your document and saves the scanned file in PDF format in your operating system's Documents or My Documents folder, or opens it in your scanning program. You can select settings, preview, and change the scanned file settings as necessary.

Where is my Epson scan icon?

Double-click the EPSON Scanicon on the desktop. Or, click the start button icon or Start> All Programsor Programs> EPSON> EPSON Scan> EPSON Scan.

What is a Level 2 scan?

A level 2 ultrasound, also known as an ultrasound anatomy scan, is a screening test, in which you and your doctor can get a clear image of your little one. This test can be an amazing experience for you and your partner, as you will be able to get a clear picture of your unborn baby.

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