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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you solve this trig equation?

If the given trig equation contains only one trig function, solve it as a basic trig equation. ... Transform the given trig equation into a product in the form: f (x).g (x) = 0 or f (x).g (x).h (x) = 0, in which f (x), g (x) and ... Example 6. ... Solution. ... cos x + 2*sin x*cos x = 2cos x* ( sin x + 1) = 0. ... Example 7. ... More items...

What are the six trigonometry functions?

The six main trigonometric functions are sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent. They are useful for finding heights and distances, and have practical applications in many fields including architecture, surveying, and engineering.

How do you solve trigonometry problems?

Full Answer. Understanding ratios is the key to solving trigonometry problems involving right angles at 90 degrees. Use the ratios, sine = opposite side / hypotenuse; cosine = adjacent side / hypotenuse; and tangent = opposite side / adjacent. Depending on which two of the three variables you have, you can solve for the third using one...

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