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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to solving equations and inequalities?

Solving Equations and Inequalities Add or subtract the x term from both sides. If the coefficient of x is negative (the A term), multiply all terms by -1. If there is a fraction, multiply all terms by the denominator to eliminate fractions. If there is a decimal, multiply all terms by a power of 10 to eliminate decimals.

What are some differences between equations and inequalities?

One obvious difference between linear equations and inequalities is the solution set. A linear equation of two variables can have more than one solution. For instance, with x = 2_y_ + 3, (5, 1), then (3, 0) and (1, -1) are all solutions to the equation. In each pair, x is the first value and y is the second value.

What is are examples of equations or inequalities?

Roads have speed limits, certain movies have age restrictions, and the time it takes you to walk to the park are all examples of inequalities. Inequalities do not represent an exact amount, but instead represent a limit of what is allowed or what is possible. Equations represent values that are equal.

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