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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for solving equations?

The four steps for solving an equation include the combination of like terms, the isolation of terms containing variables, the isolation of the variable and the substitution of the answer into the original equation to check the answer.

How do you solve a simple equation?

To solve a simple linear equation, start by moving the numbers with a variable attached to one side of the equation and the numbers without a variable attached to the other side. To move a number to a different side, you need to subtract it from both sides.

How do you find solutions to equations?

To find the solution to systems of linear equations, you can any of the methods below: Solve By Graphing. Solve By Elmination. Solve By Substitution. Solve With Meta Calculator. Interactive System of Linear Equations.

What is the hardest math equation?

The hardest general equation to arrive at is perhaps the relativistic mass-energy equation [math]E = {m_0} c^2/ \sqrt{1 - {v^2}/{c^2}}[/math] . The hardest interdisciplinary equations to understand are perhaps the quantum algorithms, such as Grover’s quantum search algorithm.

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