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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I solve an exponential equation?

To solve exponential equations with same base, use the property of equality of exponential functions . If b is a positive number other than 1 , then b x = b y if and only if x = y . In other words, if the bases are the same, then the exponents must be equal. Example 1:

How do you solve fractions with exponents?

Keep multiplying in the numbers to "grow" your exponent. As shown, you continue multiplying the base by your product of each first pair of numbers until you get your final answer. Simply keep multiplying the first two numbers, then multiply the answer by the next number in the sequence. This works for any exponent.

How do you simplify expression with exponents?

Divide exponents by subtracting the exponents from each other. The equation x to the ninth power divided by x to the fifth power simplifies to x to the fourth power (x9 – x5 = x4), or (xxxxxxxxx)/(xxxxx) = (xxxx). Simplify an exponent raised to another power by multiplying the exponents together.

How do you solve equations with fractional exponents?

In general, steps to solve equations with fractional exponents are: • first isolate the variable and exponents by adding 2 on both sides of the equation and that yields x (1/3) = 27. • rewrite the exponent. Through exponent rules, we know that a fractional exponent is the same thing as taking a root.

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