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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Equatorial mean?

of or pertaining to the equator; as, equatorial climates; also, pertaining to an equatorial instrument Etymology: [Cf. F. quatorial.]

What are the characteristics of Equatorial?

Equatorial Climate: Flora, Fauna and Main Characteristics. He Equatorial climate It is a type of climate that is characterized by high temperatures throughout the year. In fact, the average temperature usually exceeds 27 ° C. The rains are abundant, usually exceed 2000 mm per year. It is a subdivision of the tropical climate.

What is the meaning of Equatorial?

telescope, scope- a magnifier of images of distant objects. Adj. 1. equatorial- of or relating to or at an equator; "equatorial diameter". 2. equatorial- of or relating to conditions at the geographical equator; "equatorial heat". 3. equatorial- of or existing at or near the geographic equator; "equatorial Africa".

What is the definition of Equatorial?

What is the definition of Equatorial? 1a : of, relating to, or located at the equator or an equator also : being in the plane of the equator a satellite in equatorial orbit. b : of, originating in, or suggesting the region around the geographic equator.

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