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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking ESL English courses?

Another benefit of being an ESL teacher is that you can have the ability to travel and explore new cultures. English is in high demand in a lot of countries, so teaching English as a second language can allow you to travel to new places you've never been before.

What types of tests does ESL English require?

Another test that ESL students often take is the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS exam. Thousands of higher education institutions accept this test in the U.S., Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand.

How can ESL English be taught effectively?

Focus on English grammar and composition for improved writing ability. Learning English as a second language can open up the door to new job opportunities. Being an ESL teacher can allow you to work in different countries teach speakers of other languages English.

What resources are available for learning ESL English?

Intensive English USA is the leading source of information for international students researching English programs in the United States. Many independent websites also allow you to search for institutions offering English programs by time frame, cost, geographic preference, or by other criteria.

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