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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get League of legend drops on esports streams?

Here is what to do when you see League of Legend drops on esports streams: Step 1: During the stream look for the drop and click on the small notification which comes up on the right side of the screen. Step 2: You’ll see instructions on how you can get the reward.

How do I earn drops in League of Legends?

You can earn drops by tuning into the Worlds Matches through our official League of Legends Esports site. Head over here, and simply log in and start watching to start earning!

How to get emotes in League of Legends tournaments?

Already in the play-ins you have the chance to get exclusive emotes, Esport capsules or Hextech crates and keys. To get the drops, you need to sign up on the Lolesports website, link your League of Legends account and watch the streams of the event. Drops are random and happen scattered throughout the tournament.

What are drops and watch rewards in Lol?

Drops or watch rewards happen during Lol Esports livestreams and give you rewards like Hextech chests and keys, icons etc. Epic plays and other rare in-game moments like a pentakill may trigger bigger rewards. Log in to with your LoL account and opt-in to receive the rewards.

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