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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eSports stadium Arlington + Expo Center?

Introducing Esports Stadium Arlington + Expo Center At 100,000 square feet, the brand new Esports Stadium Arlington + Expo Center is the largest dedicated esports stadium in North America, making Arlington a global destination for competitive gaming.

What is the largest eSports stadium in the US?

arlington At 100,000 square feet, Esports Stadium Arlington is the largest dedicated esports facility in North America. The facility serves as a turnkey solution for esports events and productions, built to serve the unique needs and demands of the esports community.

Why attend Arlington esports?

That means that when you enjoy Arlington esports you are also in a prime location to feast at delicious restaurants and visit happening night spots. Both budget and luxury hotels are nearby and easily accessible via the Arlington Trolley.

How many seats does the Arlington Stadium have?

A renovation to the Arlington Convention Center, the stadium was custom built with esports in mind. The arena seats 2,500 spectators and all are sure to enjoy the state-of-the-art, 90-foot LED stage display.

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