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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the estate tax exemption in 2026?

If a decedent dies in 2026, with an estate of $11,700,000, the exemption amount would be approximately $6,000,000, creating a TAXABLE estate of $5,700,000 and an estate tax in the amount of $2,280,000. There may be a new wrinkle if the current Administration were able to pass tax legislation prior to the Sunset provision.

How does the estate tax exemption work?

Here’s how it works. As the estate tax exemption amount increases, fewer estates are subject to the federal tax. The federal estate tax exemption is going up again for 2023. The amount is adjusted each year for inflation, so that's not a surprise.

How does the estate tax work?

How does an estate tax work? The federal estate tax is assessed on the current fair market value of the assets. In other words, the tax is calculated based on what the assets are worth today, not the original value at the time of purchase by the deceased.

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