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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Florida have a death tax or estate tax?

That’s on a decedent’s right to give away property, and Florida does not have an estate tax either, so you’re in good shape there. However, there is a federal estate tax. Sometimes you may have heard it referred to as the “death tax”.

Does Florida have an estate tax?

Even though Florida doesn’t have an estate tax, you might still owe the federal estate tax, which kicks in at $11.18 million for 2018. The exemption increased after the new tax legislation was signed in 2017. The federal estate tax exemption is portable for married couples.

Do Florida estates owe estate taxes?

Florida residents and their heirs will not owe any estate taxes or inheritance taxes to the state of Florida. This lack of inheritance tax, combined with the absence of Florida income tax, makes Florida attractive for wealthy individuals wanting to reduce their tax liability. The Florida Constitution prohibits income tax or inheritance tax.

Do Florida beneficiaries have to pay taxes on inheritances?

Beneficiaries in Florida May Still Have to Pay Taxes on Inheritances Even though Florida does not impose an inheritance tax, heirs and beneficiaries in Florida may still have to pay some form of taxes associated with inheritances when: Withdrawing funds from the decedent's retirement accounts.

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