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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Washington State have an estate tax?

If you live in Washington State, you live in one of a handful of states that still collect an estate tax. The estates of Washington residents—as well as the estates of nonresidents who own real estate and/or tangible personal property located there—are subject to a state estate tax under the following guidelines.

What is the estate tax rate in Washington State?

Change to the Tax Rates: Currently, any amounts in a Washington decedent’s estate in excess of $2 million are subject to Washington state estate tax at rates ranging from 10% to 19%.

What is the inheritance tax in Washington?

Inheritance Tax Washington. What is Inheritance Tax Washington? Inheritance Tax, sometimes confused with Estate Tax, is a tax on the beneficiaries/receivers of an estate (e.g., your parents/families’ cash and assets). There is no Federal tax on Inheritance tax and are only taxed in 6 US states.

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