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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ETF stand for?

What does ETF stand for? ETF stands for Exchange-Traded fund. Exchange-Traded means you can buy and sell ETFs on public stock exchanges like the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange. In this context, a fund is a bundle of assets (usually stocks, bonds and/or cash).

How to calculate the value of an ETF?

Final Value ($): The value of the ETF investment on the 'Ending Date'. Again, note we may change that date depending on the database refresh limit.Annual Return: Our estimate of the annualized percentage return by the investment, including any periodic investments. ...Graph: The value of the ETF investment over time. ...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ETF's?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of ETFs ETFs typically have far lower expenditure ratios than a comparable mutual fund. ... Many ETFs are indexed based; index-based ETFs are required to publish their holdings daily. An ETF can track a broader range of stocks, or perhaps try to mimic the returns of a rustic or a group of nations. More items...

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