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Frequently Asked Questions

What does evolved meaning?

What does evolve meaning? Essential Meaning of evolve. : to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state : to develop by a process of evolution Some believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs. What does evolve mean example? The definition of evolve is to develop gradually or set free.

What is the definition of evolved?

U.S. family structures are more diverse than ever. Improving reach with them requires media representation to reflect their values and needs. Before we can granulate family representation, we first need to understand how we differentiate families.

What does evolved mean in chemistry?

evolve (ɪˈvɒlv) vb 1. to develop or cause to develop gradually 2. (Biology) (intr) (of animal or plant species) to undergo evolution 3. (Chemistry) (tr) to yield, emit, or give off (heat, gas, vapour, etc) [C17: from Latin ēvolvereto unfold, from volvereto roll] eˈvolvableadj eˈvolvementn eˈvolvern

Is evolved a noun?

noun. any process of formation or growth; development: the evolution of a language; the evolution of the airplane. a product of such development; something evolved: The exploration of space is the evolution of decades of research. Biology.

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