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Frequently Asked Questions

How to average multiple VLOOKUP findings in Excel?

Average multiple vlookup findings with Kutools for Excel (1) Select the column you will search for lookup value, and click the Primary Key; (2) Select the column where you will average vlookup findings, and click Calculate > Average; (3) Specify the combination or calculation rules for other columns. In our case, we select the Price column and click Combine > Comma.

How do I locate a table in Excel?

Here’s how: Click Open in Excel. Click any cell in the table and under Table Tools, click Design. In the Table Name box, type a new table name and press Enter. Save the workbook and reopen it in Excel Online to see the changes you made.

Why to use VLOOKUP?

In basic terms, VLOOKUP is used to look up a value from a different location in your workbook. It’s useful because when dealing with large amounts of data because you always need to look things up. Here’s the description, courtesy of Excel: and then returns a value in the same row that you specify.

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