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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does VLOOKUP return 0?

VLOOKUP function retrieves a 0 value when the value in column C is an empty cell. To convert 0 to an empty string we can use LEN and IF functions. LEN function has the result 0 for the blank cells. With IF function we are checking if the LEN function result is 0 and if the condition is met, lookup result is an empty string.

How do you check for null in Excel?

Excel does not have a function to test for null. You can use IsBlank() to check for a blank cell or you can use IsNumber() to check for a numeric value. = is the "equals" comparison operator. "Not equals" is done with the <> comparison operator.

Can you return all VLOOKUP values?

One of the key functionality of the VLOOKUP function is that it will work for unique values, and if there are any duplicate values, then whatever first found value will be returned for all the other lookup values as well. This is one of the key things we need to keep in mind while applying a VLOOKUP formula.

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