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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do VLOOKUP with two criteria?

For example, using VLOOKUP with multiple criteria. By default, VLOOKUP allows you to lookup for a single value. But in a real world, there are some situations where we need to use two or more criteria.

Can You VLOOKUP multiple values?

Using VLOOKUP with multiple values. The VLOOKUP function is one of the most useful capabilities within Microsoft Excel. It's an important tool within any seasoned pro's arsenal, and is one of the first advanced functions that most beginners learn. But sometimes, a simple lookup is not enough.

How to compare two lists in Excel?

Power Query is an incredible tool and provides more ways for Excel users to compare two lists. Firstly, it is encouraged that the two lists are formatted as a table. You can do this with the Format as Table button on the Home tab. Using Power Query is just one of the many benefits of using data formatted as tables in Excel.

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