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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you look up multiple values in Excel?

Here are steps to use an Array Formula to return multiple values that match a lookup value in a list: Fill Column A with the lookup reference you want to match against. Fill Column B with values you want the formula to return. Enter this formula: Make sure you press CONTROL-SHIFT-ENTER in the cell to convert it to an Array Formula!

How to VLOOKUP two values?

How to Perform VLOOKUP for Multiple Criteria Using the Array Formula Click on the VLOOKUP-Arrays worksheet tab in the VLOOKUP advanced sample file. ... Type the SUM-VLOOKUP formula in cell H3: =SUM (VLOOKUP (H2,A1:E18, {2,3,4,5},FALSE)) Click Ctrl+Shift+Enter on your keyboard to add the curly brackets:

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