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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BCBS a marketplace plan?

The plans you see on are the same plans you'll see on the Marketplace. They have the same benefits. The prices are the same, too. But not all our plans are available on the Marketplace, like our dental plans that include adult vision. There are some other differences between shopping on our site and the Marketplace.

Does BCBS cover in home care?

In-home care covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield policies may include care for a registered nursing or a licensed practical nurse who has supervision by a registered nurse. It can also be accessible to those who need in-home physical therapy, language and speech therapy, or occupational therapy. Medical supplies provided by a doctor, as well as medical services for emotional or social needs may be covered as well, depending on the policy.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield have a Medicare Advantage plan?

As with other large carriers, Medicare represents a crucial segment of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s policies. The insurer carries a variety of Medicare Advantage plans, which are private insurance policies that offer the same type of coverage as original Medicare (Parts A and B) along with Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans or PDP’s).

Does Medicare supplement cover deductibles?

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) provides full or partial coverage for the Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles. So instead of paying out of pocket to meet a deductible, you can simply pay a premium to belong to an appropriate Medigap plan and the Medigap insurance will cover the cost of that deductible.

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