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Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychological safety and why is it important?

Psychological safety is a key ingredient for high performing, effective and happy teams. When people feel unsafe, they tend to engage in less helpful, more basic behaviours, such as being negative, blaming others, needing to be right, catastrophising by blowing things out of portion, over-reacting or even withdrawing, resigning and giving up.

Why is psychological safety so important?

Here are 6 reasons why it’s important: Learning: Psychological safety promotes sharing information in depth, including discussing mistakes or potential mistakes, and feedback of what is working well and what is not. This increases situational awareness for all team members, and the ability to respond to unhelpful behaviors and processes.

Why is psychological safety more important than trust?

Although psychological safety is easier to develop and maintain when there is trust and respect amongst the team members, these are two different concepts. Psychological safety is a function of the group whereas trust is between two individuals. Psychological safety describes an immediate experience while trust is about some future moment.

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