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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kabul a port in Afghanistan?

Kabul is a leading port in Afghanistan. Seair Exim Solutions provides Kabul import export data with customs shipment details. With the help of Kabul export import data report traders can analyze products imported and exported via Kabul port, importing and exporting prices, market trends, etc.

Is there bombing in Afghanistan?

Ten journalists have died in Afghanistan in a coordinated double suicide bombing in Kabul and a shooting in the eastern Khost province, on the deadliest day for media workers in the country since the fall of the Taliban. Nine journalists died in the Afghan capital when they gathered at the scene of the first of two blasts.

What is an IED explosion?

An improvised explosive device (IED) is a bomb created or used outside military conventions. IEDs are often used as roadside bombs and by terrorists, especially with suicide bombers. IEDs may incorporate military or commercially sourced explosives or be made with homemade explosives.

Is Kabul in Africa?

Kabul is a city found in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is located 34.53 latitude and 69.17 longitude and it is situated at elevation 1798 meters above sea level. Kabul has a population of 3,043,532 making it the biggest city in Kabul.

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