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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best extended car warranty?

Best extended car warranty services 2021: Reputable auto warranties CARCHEX: Best extended car warranty service overall. Overall, CARCHEX comes out well with very attractive pricing options, a good range of choices within their levels of coverage. Endurance: Best service for direct selling. Endurance has many aspects to recommend it as a warranty provider. ... CarShield: Best service for coverage options. ... More items...

Does it pay to buy an extended car warranty?

But there are such things as legitimate extended car warranties and you can buy them. If you have a tight budget and an unreliable car, a warranty might be worth the money. In many cases, however, you can do without one.

Is an extended car warranty worth the extra money?

The worth of an extended warranty isn't always a guarantee, meaning you won't always save money. In fact, the only way a car warranty will be worth something to you is if you save more money than you spend on the warranty itself. There aren't universal conditions where all extended warranties apply; these conditions tend to vary from plan to plan.

Do you really need an extended car warranty?

If you keep or lease your car for less than the length of your factory coverage, you do not - repeat, do not - need an extended warranty. If you plan on keeping your car until the wheels fall off, you might consider buying an extended warranty to cover repairs in the car's fifth and sixth year or longer.

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