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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of extended metaphors?

Examples of extended metaphor can be found throughout poetry, but it was used quite often by William Shakespeare. A good example of an extended metaphor that carries throughout a poem is Emily Dickinson's 'Hope Is the Thing With Feathers'.

What is an extended metaphor example?

An extended metaphor is one where there is a single main subject to which additional subjects and metaphors are applied. The extended metaphor may act as a central theme, for example where it is used as the primary vehicle of a poem and is used repeatedly and in different forms.

What is the effect of an extended metaphor?

What Is the Effect of an Extended Metaphor? Extended metaphors give writers the chance to elaborate on a comparison between two objects or ideas. Instead of just limiting yourself to one point of comparison, you can go on and see more parallelisms between the two objects.

Why is an extended metaphor effective?

Extended metaphors can be used effectively for a wide variety of reasons. In many cases, they are simply used as a means of description when concrete terms are not sufficient or when the writer wants to add rhetorical flourish to a piece. The literary technique is commonly used in philosophical and political writing as well.

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