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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe and legal to replace an extension cord plug end?

Replacement cord ends are not illegal for home use in the USA. They are, however, disallowed by some jobsite governing organizations (OSHA, for example) in certain situations. Just make sure you're familiar with the fundamentals of electricity and know how to make good electrical and mechanical connections.

What kind of extension cord do I Need?

The best rule of thumb is: The heavier the cord the better. You’ll find that extension cords are normally available from about 18 AWG (smaller size wire) to 10 AWG (larger size wire) with lengths that may vary from as little as 6 feet to over 100 feet. Just like choosing the right ladder for the job,...

Can you use two extension cords together?

While stringing together two extension cords can work as a temporary solution, such as in the case of a short power failure, it creates a significant risk when used as a long-term solution. Extended cords reduce the wattage capabilities of each cord and may lead to meltdown and fire.

What is a GFCI extension cord?

This GFCI extension cord has a ground fault circuit breaker that diverts power when an overload current is detected. The GFCI cord prevents dangerous high voltage electrical shocks from water and other hazards. It is useful when a standard GFCI receptacle is not available.

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