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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take attendance during a Google Meet?

This extension is intended for teachers (like me) who've had to rapidly transition to online classes and need a simple way to take attendance during a Google Meet. As you start your Meet, you can enter a list of expected invitees and the extension will automatically detect who joined the call and how long they stayed..

What is attentance taking for Google Meet?

Attendance Taking for Google Meet This extension is intended for users who need a simple way to take attendance during a Google Meet. This extension adds a button to the top right bar (next to chat & participant list) to help remember who joined a meeting in Google Meet.

What is the attendance extension?

This extension helps to remember when an attendee joined, how long they stayed for the meeting and helps you keep track of the meeting time It is the easiest way to record down attendance : you can follow up later with participants who were unable to make the call.

What are the best Chrome extensions for Google Meet?

7 Best Chrome Extensions for Google Meet 1. Google Meet Enhancement suite This is a multi-purpose chrome extension that adds multiple features such as the push... 2. Meet Attendance An attendance extension is something that can be useful for all the teachers out there. Among all the... 3. Nod Chrome ...

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