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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ExxonMobil good investment for retirees?

For retirees and other conservative investors, ExxonMobil has a solid dividend and a valuation that's hard to argue with. Yet you have to be comfortable with the fact that the company has at least some prospects for growth if you want to justify adding Exxon to your retirement portfolio.

Can you borrow from a defined benefit pension?

You can borrow from a defined benefit pension plan, but there are many IRS rules you have to follow to avoid paying tax on the amount you borrow. Pension loans are only allowed for certain types of defined benefit plans.

Are company pensions taxable?

Pensions are usually fully federally taxable, and many have withholding deducted from them. Federal withholding is/should be arranged with the pension company. Social Security benefits are federally taxable depending on your other/total income.

Does receiving pension affect unemployment benefits?

In most states, your base period is the first four of the last five calendar quarters before you filed for benefits. If your pension is from a job you had before your base period began, it would not affect your unemployment benefits rate in most states.

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