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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get an EZ Pass?

Get an E-ZPass Transponder Today with a Go Pak! Visit select retail locations, participating Pennsylvania AAA offices, or the Harrisburg E-ZPass Customer Service Center. Click here to search for the closest retail location. A convenience fee may be assessed for purchase at retail locations.

Where can I buy an EZ Pass online?

EZ Passes may be purchased at these centers. To purchase an E-Z Pass transponder online or find a turnpike or local retailer, visit Regardless of whether a toll is affiliated with E-Z Pass or another transponder company, all toll transponders are accepted at those tolls.

What is an EZ Pass?

E-ZPass is a toll collection system in the northeastern U.S. that uses RFID technology to allow a driver to pass through a tollbooth and pay the toll without stopping the vehicle.

What is the definition of Ez?

Ez is an abbreviation for "easy.". It is typically used when characters are limited, such as text messages or online. You could say that "ez" is an ez way of writing "easy.".

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