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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fa2100 family?

L3Harris' FA2100 family of solid-state cockpit voice and data recorders offers proven reliability and performance for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft operating in virtually all civil and military environments.

Where can I find n00014-19-s-f003?

Announcement N00014-19-S-F003 may be found at the ONR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) webpage: opportunities. Special Notices: These Special Notices will be posted to the ONR website under

What are the dimensions of the f-1062s01?

F-1062S01 base length = 1.938 Plus 1.562 per inch of stroke = +4.686 1.562 x 3.0 (next longer stroke increment) F-1062S01-03A length = 6.624 Standard stroke increment = 3.000" minus desired stroke = –2.750 Stroke difference = .250 –.250 F-1062S01-02M length = 6.374 Double Acting Cylinders

How do you calculate the OAL of f-0750d01-01e?

F-0750D01 base length = 2.969 Plus 1.250 stroke = +1.250 F-0750D01-01E = 4.219 Single Acting Spring Extend Cylinders Calculate the length of next whole standard increment of stroke. Then subtract twice the difference between desired stroke and next longer standard increment of stroke. OAL = B + (STA x S1) – 2(S1 – S)

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