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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fa-9500 used for?

The FA-9500 is a multipurpose signal processor loaded with the functions you need for video production. The unit supports 3G-SDI, HD/SD-SDI, and analog composite I/O. In addition to its functionality as a frame synchronizer, it also provides up/down/cross/aspect converter, color corrector, and automatic video optimizer (AVO) as standard features.

Do Skynet 5 satellites have UHF transponders?

The new British Skynet 5 satellites, in line with many other X-Band satellites, also have UHF transponders; this includes the MUOS constellation which supports both legacy UHF and new CDMA transponders. Details on the experimental TacSat-4 LEO can be found here Frequency list ordered by Satellite catalogue number then frequency:

What equipment do I need to receive UHF-SATCOM?

UHF-Satcom generally refers to frequencies between 240MHz and 270MHz. To receive it, you'll need a reasonable antenna, perhaps a LNA, and a receiver that covers the relevant frequency range. To get an idea of what sort of antenna you might like to build, check the uhf-satcom equipment gallery which has pictures submitted by readers of this site.

Can ViewSat monitor the Hawkeye and Cheetah terminals?

Vibration - Method 514.5 Procedure I, Table 514.5-I Category 4 Restrained Cargo, Truck Transport US Highways (Annex A Para 2.2.1 C1), Two Wheeled Trailer and Wheeled Vehicles (Annex A Para 2.2.1 C2) ViewSAT is specifically designed to monitor and control the Hawkeye and Cheetah series of VSAT terminals.

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