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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fa50 in the Army?

Army FA50 Website On behalf of the Army G-8, the Functional Area Proponent, this office executes total force management. This office is the advocate for all force management policies and procedures pertaining to training, policy, doctrine, recruiting, personnel distribution guidance, integration (AC/RC, JIIM) and strategic communications.

What is an fafa40 officer?

FA40 officers are integrated into operations and planning positions at all organizational levels and in positions that influence, shape, research and develop, and acquire space related capabilities. What does the Army do in space?

What is FA40 in the Army Reserves?

Reserve officers are awarded a functional area based upon the needs of the Army, the officer’s geographic location, individual experience, education and training. Space operations (FA40) is one of 12 ArmyfFunctional areas.

What is a FARP in the Air Force?

1-1. A FARP is a temporary facility organized, equipped, and deployed as far forward, or widely dispersed, as tactically feasible to provide fuel and ammunition necessary for the sustainment of aviation maneuver units in combat.

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