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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my Facebook page?

Using a Computer Open the Facebook homepage. Use your web browser and navigate to the Facebook home page. Enter your email address. In the upper-right corner of the Facebook home page, there will be a field for your email address. Enter your password. You will need to enter your password that you created in order to log in.

How do you sign in to Facebook?

If you are already signed into TripAdvisor, click the blue Connect button at any time. You should see the button at the top-right of every TripAdvisor page. If you are signing up for a new TripAdvisor account, click Sign Up in the top corner of any TripAdvisor page, and then click the Sign in with Facebook button.

How do I find my Facebook homepage?

Go to your Facebook page on the browser. Click the “About” tab on the left side. Find “Page ID” field. The numeric value is your Facebook page ID. Or, if you don’t own the page, find the messenger username.

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