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Who is number 13 in the NBA?

The 13 Best Athletes to Wear No. 13. 1 #1: Wilt Chamberlain. John G. Zimmerman/SI. The 7-footer averaged 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds during his NBA career, and his 100-point game against ... 2 #2: Dan Marino. 3 #3: Alex Rodriguez. 4 #4: Steve Nash. 5 #5: Alessandro Nesta. More items

Which NFL players have the number 13 on their jerseys?

In acknowledgment of the forboding Friday the 13th, check out a list of the best NFL players to don the number 13 on their jerseys. Copied! 1 / 7 Friday the 13th: No. 13's Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins Dan Mario and other notable NFL players who wore the No. 13 TONY GUTIERREZ/1998 AP 2 / 7 Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams & Arizona Cardinals

Which player won the World Cup wearing number 13?

Thomas Mueller has won the World Cup wearing number 13. In soccer, it is a common custom to see the best players of a team wearing the numbers assigned to their specific positions. Kit numbers like 7 and 10, which are reserved for attackers, are usually worn by the best players on the team.

Who wore number 13 for the New York Mets?

In Mazzilli's first stint with the Mets, he wore No. 16, and the team lost 95 or more games four straight years. In his second stint, he wore No. 13 and they won the World Series. 8. Blue Moon Odom The right-handed pitcher made two All-Star teams and was a member of three World Series-winning clubs, all while wearing uniform No. 13.

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