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Frequently Asked Questions

How much anime makes you a true anime fan?

Just a typical anime fan. Always updated to latest anime even non-popular ones. You have an anime character as a girlfriend and you probably only speaks about that character and no one else. Some people calls you pervert. You are fond of girls. You can't decide on one character. Anime encyclopedia. The Anime God.

Which is the best anime according to Japan anime fans?

well I according to me anime like one piece , naruto, dbz ,clannad,etc are considered one of the best anime among the general Japanese people’s opinion however it may vary person to person. I would go with attack on titans.

Is fan art real art?

The critics of fan art claim that it’s not courageous enough to be considered real art. Fan art is based on an idea that is not their own, and simply builds off of something. So, the images and drawings are not of the artist’s own mind and therefore do not represent their own thoughts and personality.

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