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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my fan art?

How to create original fan art Learn the basics first. Jamie R. ... Play around. Don't overthink your design or get locked into an idea. ... Adapt your tools to your lifestyle. ... Build depth with layers. ... Be true to yourself and your style. ... Use a lighter touch. ... Take your time. ... Keep practicing. ... Relax. ... Be original. ...

Is it legal to sell fan art?

Yes it is. Technically all fan art is illegal, even if it's original artworks and you're not selling them. Derivative work of intellectual property is copyright infringement. People seem to generally get away with it until a company decides to make an example out of someone.

What is the history of fanart?

Fanart was part of zines, traded on its own, auctioned at conventions, or sold through the mail. In zine fandom, fanart was often used as cover illustrations for fanzines and as story illustrations. When media fandom moved online, it was mostly fanfiction that developed an online presence.

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