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Frequently Asked Questions

How many teams can you have in Yahoo Fantasy Football?

Managers have a limit of 8 teams or leagues to join in any combination of private or custom, Head-to-Head, Rotisserie or Fantasy Points, with a single Yahoo ID. If you have more than 1 Yahoo ID, the 8 team / league limit applies to each of your individual IDs.

How do you select keepers on Yahoo Fantasy Football?

In the "Keeper Management" section, select Approve Keeper Players. Review and edit the keepers selected by each team. To edit a team's keepers, click the Edit Keepers button beneath the team's roster. When you are done reviewing and making any changes, select Approve All Keepers and proceed to edit your league's draft.

How do you join Yahoo Fantasy Football League?

Go to Yahoo!. Select the Sports tab from the list of services Yahoo! provides. Select the Fantasy tab on the Sports page. Scroll down to the Fantasy Football box and click on the Sign Up Now link. Select the Join a Basic League link after you get to the sign-up page.

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