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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fantasypros ECR (expert consensus ranking)?

If you are unfamiliar with FantasyPros ECR (Expert Consensus Ranking), in layman’s terms, it ranks all MLB players based upon an average of where many experts around the industry currently place a given player’s Fantasy Baseball value. What can really … read more » August is moving along, and we’re one step closer to meaningful football.

What does ECR mean in fantasy football?

ECR: Expert Consensus Rankings, our proprietary method for producing rankings for players based on aggregated fantasy sports expert data. ROS: Rest of season. Draft Wizard: suite of draft tools to help prepare you for and assist you during your draft.

What is a PPR format in fantasy football?

This is the standard format for fantasy football and is a common format for fantasy baseball/basketball. PPR: Point Per Reception, where 1 point is awarded per reception. This greatly increases wide receivers’ overall value, as well as running backs who catch passes out of the backfield. Half PPR (.5 PPR): Half Point Per Reception.

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