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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPR scoring system in fantasy football?

All Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues utilize the same PPR scoring system that includes fractional points. The scoring for all Apex leagues will be as follows: For example, 75 rushing yards equal 7.5 points. 324 passing yards equal 12.96 points. Negative points for yards (including quarterback kneels) are also included.

What does PPR mean in a Fantasy Football League?

"PPR" stands for "Points Per Reception". It refers to a specific method of scoring that many fantasy football leagues choose to use in place of more traditional scoring methods. In a points per reception league, players who catch a pass earn a point amount (usually one point) for that reception.

How does a PPR League work in fantasy football?

A PPR or point per reception league is a format of fantasy football where in addition to receiving points for the yardage gained and touchdowns scored by your running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends, you also receive points for every reception they have.

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