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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word fuzzy?

Definition of fuzzy. 1 : marked by or giving a suggestion of fuzz a fuzzy covering of felt a fuzzy stuffed toy. 2 : lacking in clarity or definition moving the camera causes fuzzy photos The line between our areas of responsibility is fuzzy. His reasoning is a little fuzzy.

How can I access Fazzi's training programs if I have my own LMS?

Even if you have your own LMS, you can still access Fazzi’s exclusive online training content through our course licensing program. Reduce training development costs, ensure your training programs are always up to date, and get access to the industry’s leading online learning content in your own system.

What is a good sentence for fuzzy?

Examples of fuzzy in a Sentence. This is the third injury Ball has had with a timetable that's been a little bit fuzzy. — Tania Ganguli,, "Lakers! Jordan Clarkson had a really fun week," 25 Jan. 2018 Could be anything: infinity mood rings, infinity cabbage patch dolls, infinity marbles, infinity fuzzy dice.

Why choose the Fazzi Learning Center?

Your learning system is only as good as its content. We provide high quality online education designed by home health and hospice experts to help agencies operate at the top of their game. Don’t just get by, Be Invincible. The Fazzi Learning Center is Your All Access Pass to the Best Online Education in the Home Care and Hospice Industry.

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